Saturday, 18 March 2006

Massive cold,



fjl said...


steph said...

I've just got back from the Outdoor show, it was good hearing you in real life, you're living proof we don't need 'stuff.' I wanted to ask you (but I was too scared with the calibre of questions you were getting)have you found your head torch yet and if not why don't you buy one at the show? There were loads there. How come you haven't bought one yet anyway?

Hugh Sawyer said...

Hey Steph, the outdoors show was fun huh?

I waited a week to see if my head torch turned up, it didn't so I bought a new one. That was a bit annoying as it cost £50, lots of money but it is really good. I only use it when I am sitting about, I don't use it for walking around at night (unless it is pitch black) as you can see more without a torch than with it. Being able to see in the dark has certainly been a help.