Monday, 27 March 2006

and giggles


I used to share a house with a chap called Neph, I wrote a little bit about him at Christmas, he eats funny things. No not clowns, ants, Chinese eating ants to be exact, he got them sent from China in a jar and we had them for Christmas dinner. I’m not sure why I am telling you this when I should be telling you about his music taste, it’s the most furthest of far out since Apollo 13 went to the dark side of the moon to look for Mr Floyd. Anyway he is having a party in Oxford this weekend and although I have no idea what the music will be like I do know that it will be good. Check it out.

werkdiscs and vacuous pop present:


plus special guests: DJ NARRATION, EVEL and TROL23

"We'll play the mashed-up genre-defying tunes. You'll dance like a smack of junkie jellyfish. Deal?"

>> Friday 31st March, 9pm > 3am
>> CELLAR BAR (Frewin Court, off Cornmarket Street), OXFORD
>> £5 advance (, £6 on the door
>> 07976 575948 / for more info ...

If nothing else you have just learnt what the collective noun of jellyfish is.

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