Friday, 21 April 2006

the final countdown da da da da, de dum de dum

Two months today is my last night. I guess this is the beginning of the countdown then.

That would also make it two months until the Great Big Sleep Out, hope you have your sleeping bags at the ready and the tents packed away in the attic in preparation.

A while ago I had an idea; I thought I might like to watch some TV, just so as to have some point of reference in popular culture. I don’t have a TV, I sometimes take a lap top to the woods with me and once I tried to watch a movie but I got bored with it about half way through. The cunning bit was I decided to ask the BBC for tickets so that I could be an audience member at the filming of something topical. I chose comedy, I like comedy, and applied for tickets for a sketch show called “Recorded for Training Purposes” this way I get to see some comedy and can chat about it with people when it is shown on TV but I don’t have to have a TV. Cunning huh? Well it would be if “Recorded for Training Purposes” wasn’t a radio 4 comedy, I don’t think it will be very visual.

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