Monday, 23 January 2006


Dark cold, shivering. Waking up repeatedly during the night, pulling sleepingbag closer/ pulling it off face to allow breathing. Curling up as small as possible to try to stay warm, curling up not possible in my sleeping bag. Sleeping in clothes, feeling uncomfortable and a bit sordid doing so. Trying to figure out if sleeping on the ground or on deflated matresess, bit warmer on the matress so rolling about until I find it. Alarm going off, tired, questioning wisdom of sleeping in woods. Getting up (slowly) shivering (lots) pulling on trousers (cold) socks (damp) and boots (muddy). Walking out from under shelter of tree to stretch and brush teeth. Darkness. Darkness untill today that is! For today at 6:26 am on the Horizon there was a deep dark red in the sky, the begining of sunrise.

The light is coming back


Vicky said...

Thank gawd for that! :)

sweet-pea said...

When I was going camping to Canada, my mum told me to stuff scrunched up newspaper in my sleeping bag for extra insulation. I never got around to trying it, so have no idea if it makes any difference :-)

Penny Munn said...

Bubble wrap. The pockets of air should give excellent insulation. According to one of my building manuals, dry motionless air (i.e. small pockets, so no drafts) has the highest insulating value of all materials - far higher than polystyrene or all those other unpronounceable chemicals that have terrific insulation value. But this suggestion is, like sweet-pea's, purely theoretical. Actually, I have a few sheets in one of my uninhabitable rooms. When we get the Siberian cold snap predicted for the weekend I'll go sit outside on a piece of bubble wrap and see how long I last.