Tuesday, 24 January 2006


Bananas are a tropical creature; they do not take well to being put into the fridge or even a freezer. This may be worth considering before leaving a banana next to your bed for breakfast the next morning when it is minus lots during the night. By the time the thing thawed it was completely black.


Xphjklyfg said...

Surely only he skin of the banana had gone black? The inside should have been fine.

m4rkd said...

au contraire! take the skin off, wrap it in foil and freeze it. result: one frozen banana with an ice cream-like consistency. nice!

John McClure said...

If you have any yew left, you could whittle yourself a lollipop stick and create a frozen banana lolly!

Which would be poisonous. Maybe best not.

Someone told me about you in a pub (The Lamb and Flag on St Giles in fact) a couple of weeks ago. I thought he was joking, or drunk... or both. Then today another friend linked to you from his blog and I discovered it was all true!

You're a brave man. I remember thinking last night as I came in from feeding the rabbits at about midnight "I'm glad I don't have to sleep outside."