Thursday, 19 January 2006

Competition Time

Allegedly the middle of next week will see a cold front sweeping in from Russia where it is currently -20 degrees. It is purely by coincidence that I have booked a week off work from next Wednesday, this was booked a while ago.

The competition

Where am I going and what am I going to do?

Tie break question

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet?

The Prize

One ‘Spoon’ hand crafted by myself

Note: - the ‘Spoon’ bares no actual resemblance to an actual spoon. Further it should be noted that the ‘Spoon’ should not be used as a spoon on account not only of it’s size, shape, and number of splinters but also because it is probably made from Yew, Yew is toxic. Furthermore is should be noted that this prize has absolutely no monetary value and is in fact quite monstrously ugly.

Ditch Monkey accepts no responsibility for death or injury caused by looking at or using said ‘spoon’.


Memento aka a moment in life said...

hello there...

I read about you on a greek newspaper this morning ( is their site , but unfortunately for you it's all in Greek...)

congratulations on your feat and I hope you will make it for as long as you like.

I am a bit worried though about the already-mentioned cold snap which is coming your way...

take care and good luck

Oh, and about the prize... I used to make wooden spoons back in greece when I was around 10, when I was still adventurous and playful, when I used to spend more time with my dogs on the beach, when I almost encaved myself under an old fishing boat which I used it as a campsite during my imaginative games!
great years...

I will try to read most of your previous posts, cause I 've just discovered your blog.

Dave said...

What happened at the pre Christmas bash.

Have you tried getting a mention in the Woodland Trust newsletter.

Good luck for the cold snap.

Mike Hinson said...

Hi Hugh,
This competition is well worth the effort, it maybe a worthless so-called-spoon to you, but when you are an internationally famous world authority on living in the woods (probably allowing people to use your name on clothing & survival equipment in return for large & regular sums of money), that spoon will be sought after the world over, with people traveling for weeks on end just to have the chance to touch its rough surface.

So, I think you are demonstrating your skills by flying off to a warmer place to avoid the Russian weather next week. My guess is that you are heading for the West Indies.

Favorite letter "L"

Good luck where ever you are going next week. :-)

Memento aka a moment in life said...

Oh forgot to give an answer to the competition...

Well, let me think...

I believe you are off to a No Name island probably in the Keys...(according to your links that is)... and probably staying in a really posh Suite on a Five Star Hotel...(just kidding). My bet is on snorkelling !

enjoy your holidays...

And you Do deserve a suite!

Favourite letter: Z

steph said...

Hey memento! Why can't kids have the freedom to play like you used to these days?
Hey ODM or can I call you Hugh? I don't think you'll go anywhere too hot as you've acclimatised to the cold, however if it was booked months ago before you got used to the cold it might be somewhere hot. But tis the season to go skiing sooo... Oh I don't know is it Arctic Circle?
My favourite letter is Q cos it's so different in lower case.
Did you see the spoon Ray Mears made? Is yours anything, it doesn't matter I haven't won anyway.

sunshineonarainyday said...

I think that you are going to get some sun and going to the other side of the world australia or similar for some r and r and maybe some surfing. My favourite letter is m and i would really love the spoon!
Enjoy it wherever you go x

SameOld said...

You must be going to: Moscow for swimming in an ice pool!

My favourite letter is E (because, as the Shaman once said "E's are good")

Hugh Sawyer said...

My fave song is Theresa Goode by the Shamen.

Aubrey said...

Iceland or Moscow? Okay, the Ice Hotel? Nearest latitiude gets the spoon?

Fav letter X


Trees are very good

SameOld said...

Anyone got any Vera's? LOVERRLLLEEE

princeriz said...

My punt is kenya, mombasa to be
My fav letter is T (for Thomas Cook Travel where i work).
By the way your tickets and hotel vouchers are available for pick-up
Have a good one

lola said...

I think you are off to the Eden Project. Nice and warm but still at one with nature.

My favourite letter? O it looks the same in a mirror.

Candy said...

Where to go? Easy, come visit Herefordshire, a much under-rated part of the UK. It has lots of stuff like fields full of cider apple trees, a number of cider producers are based here, oh and the best feature, a cider museum!
What more can you ask for?
My favourite letter? C because cider starts with a c.

[Is it hard to tell that it's Friday afternoon and I wish I wasn't at work?]

Bin said...

My guess is Ireland and my favourite letter is U. x

iamareader said...

You are going to a mates' wedding and it is being held on a Polynesian island.

My favorite letter of the alphabet is 'e'.

ps I is not toxic!

Penny Munn said...

I think you are going to Scotland to walk the hills. Anyone else would go somewhere warm to recover from the ordeal of camping out. My guess is that you're a bit of a treehugger and you won't be flying twice in one season. Also, you're not finding the cold as hard as you did at the beginning of the winter - or are you just putting a brave face on things?
My favourite letter or yours? Mine's 'P' because it's the first one I learned and I would guess that your favourite letter is H.