Saturday, 7 January 2006

One for the B and the Chis

Some things smell nice when they are damp, meadows in spring that sort of thing. Some things don't dogs for example and rucksacks that have been wet for a few months. Fortunately I don't have to carry a dog around on my back, that would be annoying, especially if it was Scrappy Do he ruined Scooby Do for me. I do have to carry a rucksack around with me, my old rucksack smelt very bad, and the new one had a touch of that damp smell when I picked it up this morning (afternoon had a bit of a lie in). This was a bit worrying as I have not really let it get wet as I put my coat over it to keep it dry. Eventually I found the cause, swimming trunks free range in the bottom of the bag for who knows how long. Anyway my new rucksack a Berghaus Cyclops is the business I won't bore you with all the details just now but it holds 100 liters and has detachable side pouches and is probably an even better piece of kit than the Jetboil (especially since the Jetboil broke). Today I discovered that if one were to take the side pouches off and put them in the rucksack then the thing tours above your head when you walk along. This is especially handy if walking through a heavily wooded area in the rain as it knocks all the branches above you and sends the collected rainwater showering down your back. Adding the side pouches virtually doubles my width which just won me lots of friends as I tried to walk through Piccadilly.

Rucksack? What is that? A sackfull of rucks? Answers on a postcard please. Right one of my friends is off to Thailand for a year or three so I'm off to a farewell dinner in a Scottish restaurant, no not McDonalds - Loch Fyne, I hope they let me in I'm a bit coated in woodland.


bushled said...

[German : dialectal Ruck, back (from Middle High German rück, ruck, from Old High German hrukki) + Sack, sack (from Middle High German sac, from Old High German, from Latin saccus.

JRC said...

My brother in law had a boss nicknamed rucksack. If they were hanging about the building site, the boss used to come up and say.
"I don't want to get on your backs lads, but..."
So they called him rucksack.

Penny Munn said...

Sure they'll let you in at Loch Fyne. The Scots are anything but squeamish. Enjoy the fish.

Classroomfree said...

Saw you on the TV this morning and just wanted to say well done for drawing attention to the possession focussed world many of us live in. You have certainly given me food for thought. Thanks.

Bin said...

Saw you on Telly this morning while I was snuggled up on the sofa with a big mug of tea. Thinking of how cold you must be.

You defiantly had my complete and utter full attention. I was fascinated to learn about what you are doing.

Do you have the home comforts of a pillow?

I really admire what you are doing. Good on you. x

Hugh Sawyer said...

I use a jumper or rolled up pair of jeans as a pillow. Once you are used to it it gets really comfortable, on the other hand the last few nights I have been missing having a bed.

WanderingScribe said...

Looks like I just created a blog, Hugh. Speak soon...a x