Friday, 6 January 2006

Auction and things

This picture has been donated by Nikki Cheal and will be auctioned(probably on ebay) with the proceeds going to the Woodland Trust.

Also going up for auction will be a bronze titled "MOTHER AND CHILD" by the celebrated artist Robert Allen

The sculpture cast in Bronze resin depicts the love between mother and child.

The child gently cradled in his mothers arms, is wrapped snugly in a blanket as protection from the chill evening.

Their faces are touching in a moment of total harmony.

The baby’s head and the arms of the mother form the shape of a stylized heart.

Robert Allen's work “IT TAKES TWO” is in Canada Square Canary Wharf. Mother and Child was donated by Victoria Jones Gallery on Wandsworth Bridge Road where the piece can be viewed.


bushled said...

DM - the url for the image should be

Happy New Year to you. What was the smoked garlic like BTW?

Hugh Sawyer said...

I just tried that, it didn't like it very much. What is it with me and pictures? Smoked garlic was lovely, made me cough though - ha. I'm sorry its been a long day. Smoked Garlic was very nice and I might well add some to the gratin dauphinois I'm going to make tonight.

Hugh Sawyer said...

no no, you are right!