Monday, 2 January 2006

Merry New Year

I gave up smoking for one of my New Year's resolutions, so far it is going very well and I have not had a single craving! Admittedly I didn't smoke in the first place but I think it is necessary to go for achievable goals in life. The other 'resolution' I have made kind of goes hand in glove with this living in the forest thing, I have decided to only eat seasonal food until I stop living in the woods. The thinking behind this is that through doing this I will become far more in touch with the seasons than I already am doing. The other part of this is that by eating seasonal foods I am, by definition, eating locally produced food and so there will be far less pollution caused by transportation. Most importantly of all I think that eating seasonal food both makes sense and will be delicious as seasonal foods tend to go with the, er, seasons. What is better than a big stew in the depths of winter, or looking forward to the first new potatoes of the year? This is, for now at least limited to what I prepare at home as I have little control over what is on the menu at work and I don't really have the facilities to take food to work with me, or do I? I'll look into it.

In other news

I was a bit low on water yesterday and could not spare any to wash up with so decided to stick the billy can in the fire to burn off the remains of the caramelised onions I had prepared. Melted a hole in the side of the billy can.

Tonight I am going to make chicken in a white whine sauce with buttery mash and sprouts. Could be tricky what with the hole in the pan and everything. In any event look out for some recipies, barbeque and other, coming your way.

I'm on the telly!,,91134-ditchman_p4674,00.html

There is a bit of a gap in this here blog over Christmas, will be updated shortly.

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Penny Munn said...

Happy new year DM. I shall look forward to the recipes. I find that those little bacofoil trays you can buy in packs of five in the supermarket (they're just like the containers you get carry-out Chinese and Indian meals in)do very well in a glowing fire. Being made of aluminium, they don't get too hot to handle and are also easy to clean. Don't try putting the little covers on them though - they just get burned right off.