Thursday, 19 January 2006

Why are pirates called pirates?

They just arrrrrrrrrrrrr.

In case you didn’t know this is the best joke in the world. Pirates are mammals and, despite what you might have read on the internet, they are way tougher than Ninjas. Why I’m bringing this up is that tonight there is a belated staff Christmas party with a Pirate theme. So if you are travelling on the Oxford tube tonight and a guy gets on wearing a bandana, eye patch, cut off trousers, no shoes, a cutlass and a very large rucksack please wake him up at Lewknor. He will probably be hugging a bottle of rum; do not try to take the rum away unless you wish to become better acquainted with the cutlass.

Shiver me timbers

International talk like a pirate day


SameOld said...

(appears with false wooden leg and stuffed parrot on shoulder)
splice me main brace and fry me fishy fingers. AHHHH HARRRRR!!!!

SameOld said...

just me observing 'interntional talk like a pirate day' then?