Thursday, 17 November 2005

Monday Monday

Seemingly it being cold on Sunday night is not basis on which to assume that it will also be cold on Monday night. If someone were to wear trainers on Monday night rather than boots as usual having presumed that it would be frosty in the morning and therefore that persons feet would not get wet, all the dew being frozen you see, that person would be wrong. Should that person also be wearing his last pair of clean socks he would then be treated to an entire day of standing about with wet feet. It should also be noted that whilst it might not have been cold enough for frost on Monday night that this would not neccessarily prevent a persons newly exposed ankles from getting very cold.

In other news

Tried a diferent flavour soup.


SameOld said...

carrot and lentil?

Hugh Sawyer said...

I think it was chicken and orange or some such weirdness. Dead adventurous me.

SameOld said...

DM, you're living on the edge, for all of us... :-)

Hugh Sawyer said...

Somewhere out there I'm tasting the soups that others fear to try.