Tuesday, 8 November 2005

back to it

Last night I was not looking forward to going back to the woods. After three days in the sun the idea of sleeping in the woods was all a bit of a miserable prospect. I was also very very tired and really wanted a bed to sleep in. I left work and dropped by the Laundry to pick up my sleeping bag and then went to buy some Covent Garden Lentil and Bacon soup and some Herta Frankfurters to put in it, comfort food really but also a pretty effective was of keeping warm.

Despite falling asleep on the bus and consequently feeling completely disorientated when I got off the bus it was remarkably good to be back in Lewknor. The air was cool with a bit of a cold bite in the air but nothing too bad, besides walking about with a rucksack on is a good way of warming up. It was really good to be back, it wasn’t raining which helped but it was more than that; I was home. I have two sleeping bags, my original one and the one that Andy gave me. Last night I put one inside the other, the freshly laundered one being in the inside it was very comfortable indeed. Best of all the draw string on the hood of my original sleeping bag is designed so that the hood can be closed over all but my eyes. This means that last night I could breathe air that had been filtered through the sleeping bag rather than cold damp air. I had a lot of difficulty getting out of bed this morning, it was very comfortable in bed.

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