Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Another explanation

What I’m doing is living in the woods for a year, the wood’s is my home and I’m treating it as such. What I’m trying to do is prove it is possible to lead a full and normal life whilst having as little an environmental impact as possible, this means that I lead my life as normally as possible whilst I just happen to live in the woods. Leading my life as normally as possible means that I do all the normal stuff that I would do if I was living in a house or a flat. I visit people occasionally and if I go out clubbing in London I might well stay over at a friends place if it turns into a late one, I also go on holiday occasionally. I had a two week break in the summer but this I spent trekking in America so that was pretty much the same as living in the woods, only it was an awful lot hotter. So going to Barbados was not cheating, it was very much part of what I am trying to do.

The question that some people might well be asking is what about all the carbon emissions caused by my flying all that way. It is a good point, but a bit of a trawl around the internet reveals that there are a lot of places to work out how much Carbon my taking the flight would have caused to be released into the atmosphere, there are even a few sites out there that work out the cost of offsetting the damage done by taking a flight (or driving a car / using electricity in your house). The option is available to invest that money into various schemes designed to offset carbon emissions; this is what I am looking into at the moment.

I don’t have that much time to be doing research at the moment. However, I have found this site http://www.climatecare.org/ apparently a donation of just over £12 will offset the carbon emissions caused by my flying to Barbados. They have different projects that the money is used on. One in particular got my attention; money is used to replant areas of rainforest that have been cleared by logging.

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simplicity said...

i take the cheating part back. your last post and the info given in it were very inspiring. thank you for sharing that. i suggest you add that site to your links section.