Wednesday, 9 November 2005

The Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror sent a journalist out to spend the night in the woods with me a while back. They didn’t publish the story but nevertheless sent me a cheque for £200 and told me I could do what I like with it. They didn’t say it’s a donation it’s to do with as I like. If it was a donation it would have gone straight into the Just Giving Site (see the sponsor me link to the right). Seeing as it was given to me to be used at my discretion I decided to use it to pay for the hire of the room for the Party, hopefully the party will be a huge success and the money will be recouped along with a profit. Then the profit will be put into the Just Giving Site and the original £200 will be reinvested in another fundraising scheme.

So a big thanks to The Daily Mirror.

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