Thursday, 10 November 2005

Clarity of vision

Last night was beautiful; the sky was a clear dark blue black contrasting deeply against the brilliantly shining stars. The stars were the first thing that I noticed when I got off the bus at Lewknor, you don’t see stars in London. One of the advantages of a clear sky is that it means all the pesky heat that builds up during the day escapes leaving the ditch dweller with a nice cool atmosphere to live in. The lack of temperature gave me the opportunity to put on all of the clothes that I had with me as well as my hat (thanks Helen), if it had not been so cold last night I would not have realised that I am going to need to get some gloves, and a winter coat, and some better boots. Still cheaper than central heating though, that’s the thing that I have realised we don’t really need central heating just more clothes. The heating on the bus home last night was turned right up and all it did was make me feel a bit sick and a lot uncomfortable. I guess if people maintain their, house, work place and car at the same temperature all winter then they get used to it and are comfortable with it but it must be a real shock when they go outside into the cold – would probably make them ill. Am I convincing anyone here? Am I even convincing myself that a lack of heating is good?

I also had what you might call a ‘moment of clarity’ there I was sitting on my sleeping bag eating soup and drinking tea when it struck me. I’m living in the woods! For a year! Suddenly it seemed like a very long time, not only that but it also seemed like a very silly thing to be doing indeed. Not that I’m going to give up; I have pretty much figured out how to stay dry and be comfortable and staying warm will simply be a matter of wearing lots of cloths – it’s not rocket science. I am enjoying it but the whole thing suddenly struck me as being somewhat daft. Finger on the pulse, that’s me.


susana said...

I lived for eight years in a house with almost no heat. (15C by January; I was pretty grouchy by March). I did get used to it but that's warm compared to what you've already seen. So (like somebody's mom), I've been wondering for two weeks, if you have any Patagonia long underwear. Maybe you wrote about it and I missed it. If not, I recommend spending the party room $ on a set. You won't believe the difference they'll make. Best of luck.

DaveM said...

Hi there, great blog picked it up via a link.
Just as a matter of interest ho do you manages for a change of clothes and storing you clothes for the next day? Or am I being too staid and conventional.

Good luck and will you be in the next woodland trust publication.


Coppicer said...

" I am enjoying it but the whole thing suddenly struck me as being somewhat daft."
Well, from what you say this whole endeavour has a symbolic purpose, which means that in purely functional terms it IS daft. On the other hand, as a means of getting other people to think a little more about their own patterns of consumption it's an eye-catching and therefore successful project. Look at how much publicity you've reaped from this, most of which will reflected onto the Woodland Trust, plus there's the money of course. Chin up.


lazy_hippy said...

As far as boots go I can thoroughly recommend the cat boots with 'thinsulate', or some such marketing-speak, linings. I had a pair for about 4 years and didn't realise until they wore out that in all that time I had never had cold feet while wearing them!

Pandiotic said...

It is daft. It's bloody stupid you miserable old toad.