Monday, 6 June 2005

Weekend One

Seeing as I'm living outside I thought that this weekend I ought to go the full hog and visit somewhere a little more wild than Oxford. Ended up stomping about in the hills above Leeds.The weekend was again something of a learning experience; I learnt energy drinks are best drunk after vigorous exercise than before. If you drink them first all they do is give you a bunch of glucose etc that encourages your body to burn lots of energy, this does make you feel strong in the short term, in the longer term though you have less energy as your reserves have been depleted. Best thing to do is to save your energy drinks till after you have done the work as then they will replace what you have lost and aid with recovery.I also discovered that should you happen to be running down a stony hill with six weeks worth of kit strapped to your back you stumble over a stone that having your centre of gravity around your ears does not aid recovery. What six weeks worth of kit strapped to your back will do though is help propel you at some speed into the ground in front of about 20 people coming the other way.After a luxurious three hours sleep on Saturday night and a bit of a stomp in the hills on Sunday morning. I went back into Leeds to get the train back to London and to learn about train station food. I arrived in London with a massive rucksack and a couple of hours to kill, what to do? Lacking any ideas of my own I decided to do as the tourists do and wander aimlessly around Covent Garden getting in the way and annoying people. For an activity that is so popular with our antipodean friends I found this to be a somewhat dull and frustrating pastime, sure it was fun getting in the way. I even amused myself for a short time by watching shopkeepers' expressions as I made sudden display threatening turns in crowded shops. Ultimately though wandering around town with a pack is a bit of a hindrance and I really do not know why it is so popular.

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