Wednesday, 22 June 2005

Day 22, Sardines

Got back late last night and was too tired to cook, too tired to remember that I had an emergency can of sardines for just such an occurrence, lots of protein in a sardine you see. I basically just crashed out in the middle of a field at about half twelve. I had left work yesterday at dead on five and left my colleagues to finish off my work - feeling guilty I decided to come in early today and get amongst the days work before they got in. I had not planned on waking up at four but it happened. For some unknown reason the idea of getting out of my warm sleeping bag into the cold wet field did not appeal so I stayed in bed until five! Oh the decadence of it. My sleeping bag is a hopeless follower of fashion and had taken one look at the field's soggy look and decided to join in. I have a goose down sleeping bag and it does not hold the heat if it is wet. Seeing as I have no chance to dry it out it will only take a few more days of dewy mornings before the thing is properly wet, I can get it dried on Sunday but there is no time until then.

When I get to London a strange smell is emanating from the rucksack; sardine! The tin that I could have done with last night has been punctured and leaked some of the oil on to the sleeping bag. No time to get the thing cleaned before Sunday huh? Interesting. At work I was met with an interesting choice, leave the pack somewhere warm and hope the sleeping bag dries; or, leave it somewhere cool and slow the spread of the smell of fish.

Handy tip.

If you decide to spend a few weeks running about with heavy boots on be sure and pack nail clippers, if you don't you get big black bruises under you toe nails. Every one knows this, I knew that, just thought I'd mention it in case anyone didn't.