Friday, 3 June 2005

Day Three, Rain and a Mosquito

I spent a happy day being told by my workmates that it was going to rain, true enough it started to rain. Not that I was worried as I had a cunning plan. After work I went down to the Cotswold camping shop on Piccadilly to buy a Bivi bag (a Gore-Tex sack that is big enough to stick yourself and your sleeping bag in), this way I would not break the no tent rule and I would get to stay dry."Sorry, we have to order them in, should be here in a week" said the chap in the shop helpfully. Hmmmm.Stocked up on food and jumped on the Oxford Tube.Oxford was looking a bit damp when I got there so I was forced to shelter from the elements in The Duke - hard business this sleeping out.Having fashioned a shelter from an Army poncho I had a very pleasant evening watching the river whilst sitting under a chestnut tree. Best of all the shelter kept me dry so I felt very pleased with my self. Earlier in the day I had bought a small radio alarm clock but had not set the time, I guessed what time it was before I went to sleep.Had quite a comfortable night that was only disturbed by a mosquito buzzing in my ear every hour or so. I awoke to the dulcet tones of radio 4. I looked over at my alarm clock not realising that when the radio was on it displayed the frequency rather than the time, 9.38 it said. Leaping from my bed I was packed in a flash, no afraid that is not true. Ah ha I thought, I am already late for work and it will take me a couple of hours to get there so what is the point in rushing? None. I turned the radio off and the time flashed up, it really was time to get up; dammit. Begrudgingly I got up, packed, checked I had left no sign of my presence other than crushed grass, and ran (ish) to the bus stop.The Oxford Tube in the morning is great; they give you a paper Danish and a carton of fruit juice. They also have a clock on board; it said it was 6.09, a very different time to my alarm clock which I had set by guess work. There is very little traffic on the road that early in the morning and so I was at work by seven thirty. I went for a shower before breakfast, looking at the mirror I discovered an egg shaped lump on my forehead - a gift from the mosquito.