Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Day One.

Having spent all weekend cleaning the flat, packing, organising etc, well sitting around putting it off until the last minute Monday got off to a good start. By midday I discovered that my possessions were in storage, by midafternoon there was a small issue of loosing a chunk of the deposit due to a misunderstanding of the word clean, I also discovered the key to the flat in my pocket. Apparantly rent has to be paid until the key is returned, strange.

The evening was spent running about returning keys finding my pack with all my stuff in it and generally running about London getting hot and annoyed. Eventualy I borded the bus for Oxford at about 11.30pm It was about 1am before I found myself a suitable place to sleep; the side of a hill. Getting ready for sleep I discovered that my alarm clock did not work anymore so I would have no idea of the time when I woke up - I have no watch or phone. This meant that I would have to get up when it got light or else risk being late for work on the first day of this experiment; hardly a good start when I have been bragging about how easy this will be. It gets light at about five so I was looking at about four hors sleep, not great but OK.

I discovered a number of things during the night.

I discovered during the night that placing a row of tent pegs half sticking out of the ground is a perfect was of preventing oneself from rolling down the hill into thistles.

I discovered that Badgers are very noisy.

I mainly discovered that I could not sleep. I must have managed it eventually as I woke up to find it had got light and it was thus time to get up.

I got to the office at about seven am, there was nothing to do so I went to the gym - you know just to make sure I was tired. It worked, by midday I was seeing double and having to stick a pen in my hand to keep awake. Why did I give up coffee? Looks like I will sleep well tonight, probably a good thing as it looks as though it is going to rain tonight and I don't have a tent, hopefully I will be tired enough to sleep through it.