Monday, 6 June 2005

Day 6

Rotten friends have all decided that I am living in The Dorchester and not battling rabid badgers on a nightly basis. In their minds the closest I come to living by the river is eating Duck and drinking Perrier. They are demanding photographic evidence of my living outside and, get this, request images of a soggy and bedraggled nature.

Photos will follow oh you unbelievers, you finger pointers and when they do you will regret your unbelieving and pointing of fingering. Just have to; borrow a camera; make sure I don’t loose it or fall in the river with it; get somewhere whilst it is light enough to take a decent photo; figure out how the thing works; find somewhere on line to store the photos; figure out how this is done and swear a lot when I realise that I have not figured out how to do but deleted them all and have to start again.

Tonight’s challenges are:

Getting out of London during rush hour - not tried this before.


Cooking a proper meal with one pot, a Swiss army knife and a spoon

Staying dry

Have fun on your sofas

1 comment:

Pandiotic said...

I'll set you some challenges for the next week:

1. Catch a fish using nothing but natural materials (crayfish are crustaceans and not fish, like a bird of paradise is a flower and not a softporn flick)

2. Sleep upside down and report back on your dreams.

3. Dance naked in the rain in a public place.

4. Eat a snail.

5. Get beasted.