Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Thundering and Lightning very very.

This morning I was met with smirks, smirks no less! Did I get wet last night? Last night you see there was one almighty humdinger of a thunderstorm with more lightening than I have ever seen in this country before. Loads of it, and rain by the bucket load and very impressive it was too. I had gone out for a quick game of rugby and a curry with some of the boys and as the heavens came down so did my spirits, I was going to get soaked I thought. I began to rue not having a bivi bag as the puddles grew, and the storm showed no sign of abating. However, by the time I got back to the woods at about midnight the storm had passed. So it was simply a matter of knocking up a shelter – this was a little tricky in the woods on an overcast night but it gave me something to do before going to bed.

This morning was pleasant enough, especially the bit when I sauntered into work having not got soaked. My workmates where not so pleased with this state of affairs, rumblings of discontent there were. I am convinced that before too long they will follow me into the woods with buckets of water.