Monday, 13 June 2005

Day 13

Blimey, 13 days already.

What has happened over the past few days? Well, I have somewhere else to stay now, and this time I am a bit further out of the way and as yet I have not been disturbed by anyone. It’s a nice place, plenty of trees in the neighbourhood which seems quite appropriate seeing as that’s what the money is for. Talking of which, if you have not sponsored me yet –why not?

My alarm clock really does love resetting itself, leaving me with the option of listening to the radio until someone mentions the time or using guess work. Well obviously I settle for guess work. The other night I set my clock by judging the time by the amount of light there was and set the alarm for 5am (yurgh). I wake in the morning as my radio turns on to tell me that it’s 4am. Fantastic; another hour in bed. Later on when I catch the bus at 6.30 I am most surprised to find out that the clock on the bus says that it is 7.30, the girl next to me seems to believe in this propaganda and even says that it agrees with her watch and mobile. I suspect a conspiracy but keep it to myself, if it is a conspiracy then work is in on it also as the clock at work reads 8.47 when I get there. It was only this morning when my radio announced that it was 4.21 GMT did I realise what had happened, I had my radio tuned to the world service which is in GMT but the rest of us are in British add one hour Summer time.

The new place is great, it provides solitude and a view of the Sunset from my bed and it really is peaceful and makes a very nice contrast to London. The only problem really is being constantly tired but I assume that will go once I get used to this new regime.
Got to head off now if I want to get back with time before dark