Thursday, 16 June 2005

Day 16, cheating?

A couple I’m friends with recently moved into their first flat together – awwww how sweet – and last night a bunch of us were invited over for dinner. Civilisation! How would I cope? Had I become wild in my ways? Would I eat with my fingers; snarl at the males in a bid to steal their territory and women? These worries and more, apparently, had been troubling various friends all day. My how we laughed. Did I wish to sleep in the rockery? How they kept coming; each the more funny than the last. As they laughed however, I did detect a slight sadness behind the eyes, a regret if you will I think that deep down they recognised what has become of them. Trapped they are, trapped. Trapped by the, erm… trappings of modern life. What with the walls and the sofas, duvets, tv, stereo, chairs, tables, fridge, freezer, roof and associated etceteras of life today. Whilst they may well have acted perplexed at my decision to leave all these things behind and live in a ditch I’m sure they longed for the chance to do the same themselves.

The thing was that if I was to go over for food I would have to sleep over or else there was little chance of getting back to the woods with time to sleep enough before heading back to work. The idea of this whole idea is to live as normal a life as possible whilst living in the woods so this does not mean never going out. It does kinda mean that if I’m out in London that I will have to stay over. Apparently this also means that I’m going to have too have people over for dinner, could be fun – I imagine that there maybe something of a barbecue sometime soon, I will keep you posted. The other thins that was suggested today was that I should have a party; fine idea. River, tree, beer and fire, again I’ll keep you posted.

Sleeping on the sofa was weird, I have to say that it was comfortable to the point of being a bit uncomfortable. The duvet was soft and warm, intrusive flora and fauna was noticeable by it’s absence. Having a lie in until 8 was luxurious as was being free of the pack – I skipped about the place without its weight to hold me back. However, the journey to work via the tube was horrible; I do not miss that at all. Given the choice I would rather live in a ditch.