Friday, 9 December 2005


Sorry I have been a bit slack in posting things on the blog for the past week, I have been feeling rather under the weather and have mostly spent the week walking about like a zombie. Coherent thought has not been a forte of mine but now, at last, the fog of cloudy thought is lifting. Soon enough I will be back at 100% and writing the purest drivel for your entertainment.

Last night a chap from Sky News came out and did some filming for a piece to go out towards the end of this month. So whilst I may not have got pictures on the blog by then you might get to see proper moving pictures of chez monkey. As I was being filmed cooking risotto in the fog I suddenly got the impression that I was in some kind of low key episode of Cribs. What’s next, Pimp my Bus Pass? Once the risotto (mushroom and sweet corn) was cooked we discovered that we only had one spoon between us. After much searching through all the pockets of my rucksack I found the roughly hewn attempt at a hand carved spoon I had made a few weeks ago; it worked! Sure I had to open my mouth and bit further than normal to get the thing into my mouth and I was a bit worried about splinters, nevertheless I had made something useful. I was most happy with myself, and envisaged myself as some kind of latter-day cave man – UG factor 3. I just showed Mark the spoon that I carved, his first comment was “I would laugh if that wasn’t so sad”; his second was “That makes up for the olive oil and the parmesan grater”.

I was supposed to be going camping this weekend with Whiskey, that’s with my mate Whiskey. I’m not going to just walk off into the hills with a bottle of Whiskey – not a bad idea though. This was going to be a bit of a treat for me as Whiskey was insisting on bringing a tent (I’m saying nothing about my ‘tents are for girls’ theory right now). It would have been quite an interesting contrast with me living in comparative luxury and Whiskey giving up the comforts of home. Sadly Whiskey’s car broke down so now I think I’m going to be forced to go to a party on Saturday night instead, shame.

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