Tuesday, 6 December 2005

An Outline of a Theory Part 2

Carbon emissions = bad
Trees absorb carbon therefore trees = good
Cutting down trees = bad
Planting trees = good
Cutting down rainforest = very bad

As discussed in An Outline of a Theory Part 1 anything is possible.

If cutting down a rainforest = very bad then it stands to reason that replanting a rainforest = very good.

So replanting a rainforest is both possible and a very good thing to do.

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Penny Munn said...

We don't have rainforest in Britain, we just have woods. So planting woods is a very good thing to do, because trees of all kinds absorb Co2.That's not all they do - they moderate weather patterns and support entire ecosystems, among other things. We need to re-forest our own landscape and as part of this endeavour we need to take a radical look at our use of land and ownership patterns. However, woods don't get planted just because they are a 'Good Thing'; they get planted to be used, and they will get planted, used and maintained if they are an integral part of human life. So living in the woods is a good way forward because it places human existence physically among the trees. So is making things from wood, coppicing wood, making charcoal - all the small scale industries that used to take place when woodland was part of the human landscape. One of the things we need today is a bit of creative thinking about how we can integrate woodland our lives, and build useful (rather than decorative) trees into the urban landscape. Some of the permaculture literature has some good theories on this. This website could support plenty of discussion on the way forward.