Thursday, 8 December 2005

still ill

December appears to be much like November, only worse. Maybe it’s just because I have a stinker of a cold and that is affecting my outlook but getting back last night to discover everything was cold, muddy and wet really was quite miserable. So I squatted under the gore tex sheet for a while and made some lemsip.

Put sleeping bag in wet bivi bag and went to bed at about 9, took ages trying to get comfortable but finally managed . Woke up about six feeling as though I had been beaten up, everything was aching but fortunately my lungs and throat had stopped feeling as though they were burning. Couldn’t really move so had a lie in.

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mac said...

hope you are getting somewhat better, not been ariound for a while so i just caught up on november and december, and yes the watch word does appear to be cold.
We ( that is ) are close to our second planting of 3.2 hectares of mixed english tree's representing how our valleys would have looked two hundred years ago before mill owners chopped it all down for fuel and planted the quicker growing pines and firs. The plan is to not only compensate for the carbon emissions of our 20 truck fleet but also to become carbon positive to offset the emissions of our neighbours on this industrial park in the grim industrial north. We are doing this along with a local, not for profit, organisation of NON PURITAN tree planting types, i'm going to link you to my blog (if you don't mind) so maybe our customers can help you out too.
Best wishes to yourself, bruce, dave gorman, eyeore and the fluttery bush