Monday, 5 December 2005

At last

had a sense of humour failure this morning.


Sarah Mackenzie said...

Keep going. Just think how amazing this year is going to be when you look back on it. Imagine your grandchildren sitting on your knee, in front of a roaring fire, their little eyes wide, listening intently as you recount this tale of adventure and devil-may-care. Courage.

SameOld said...

Yep, second Sarah's emotion. Hang on in there, you are doing a great job.

Penny Munn said...

Can't say I blame you. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help. You are doing a great job, but it's certainly a hard one that you've set yourself.

Anonymous said...

They're right.

Keep going, not because if you jack it in thousands of people will be sorely disappointed to lose a great read, not because it will raise more money, but because you can do it. It'll be great.

Hope you get your stuff back, or get something sorted.

Good work fella