Tuesday, 13 December 2005


The Doctor said I have bronchitis and gave me a bottle full of little red pills to take.

I went and bought a big potato, a carrot and a couple of trout fillets and then went home and lit a fire. The potato and carrot were boiled in my Swedish Billy can whilst I cooked the trout by placing the fillets on a Y shaped branch held about 8 inches above the glowing coals of the fire. The fat from the trout dripping into the fire created noxious clouds of black smoke and I spent a lot of the cooking time rolling around on the floor coughing with tears rolling freely down my face. It was, however, worth it, the Trout was cooked to perfection, the potatoes fluffy and the carrots still crunchy to the bite.

Went to bed early and entertained myself by coughing.

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lardbloke said...

For a nasty cough, try Potters cough linctus. Its a nice herbal job. You can readily buy it from the local chemist or supermarket. The thing is, it really does work and can clear up a good cough in a matter of days.