Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Return of the Rucksack

I managed to get back my rucksack, my sense of humour and as an added bonus I also picked up a cold from somewhere and now I feel dreadful; it’s probably bird flu, or leprosy or the plauge. Lucky to be alive I reckon.

Foggy last night, ate rissotto - getting bored of rissotto now, must try something else soon best eat the rest of the rissotto rice first, that should take a few days.

Bruce is a dedicated follower of fashion and has gone for that 'few dead leaves hanging bravely on' look that is sweeping the woods this season. I'm going to pile lots of ash around him to give him plenty of nutriants.

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Penny Munn said...

Glad you got that sorted, DM, and happy birthday. I'm not surprised you caught a cold with all that hanging about - just make sure it doesn't turn to pneumonia or you'll be in trouble (check the symptoms on the internet before you go back to the woods tonight). I have a suggestion and a question. The suggestion is that potatoes roasted in the embers of a fire are jolly nice at this time of year - add a bit of cheese for extra taste. The question is for Bruce, and is something that is puzzling me about the way trees put out their branches. When I split my firewood logs open the toughest ones often have what looks like an embryonic branch embedded sideways in the middle of the trunk, but not actually emerging from the side - like a peg holding the long fibres together, accounting for the difficulty in splitting. These are quite big tree trunks, and it looks for all the world as though the tree has started to grow a branch and then thought better of it. It may be an indication of some kind of disease - all my firewood is FSC, so comes from thinnings or diseased trees. Maybe Bruce could tell us what it's like to grow a branch from your side, how trees decide to put out branches, and if they often change their minds once they've started the process.