Wednesday, 31 May 2006


Well today is the 365th day then. It has mostly been spent waiting to see the doctor, yay! A couple of weeks ago I was fighting a friend of mine, all in fun, and ended up getting thrown into the ground, concrete, quite hard. My shoulder took the brunt of the impact and it was a bit sore for a few days, last night my arm came partly out of the socket a few times. This is a bit annoying as I use my arm quite a lot.

I suppose I should say something profound about life in the woods but this thing isn't over just yet. For a start the official end date is not until June the 21st and then I keep living in the woods and commuting until the 30th. After that I leave my job and stay in the woods, it is a bit of a shame but a few months ago I was put in the position where I had to choose between my career and living in the woods. I chose life.

A lot of time recently has been spent on working towards the next project, life has been very hectic but we have the bare bones of a website now There is a lot of work to be done and it is far from ready to go public but I thought you guys might like to take a peak.


bushled said...

Hugh - CONGRATULATIONS to you on your first anniversary!!!! You've kept so many people entertained over this last year, and it's been clear it hasn't been easy. It's been an inspiring journey to follow.

If anyone else out there is reading this, and has enjoyed it, then please make a donation (if you haven't already) to show your appreciation.

jason palmer said...

ace stuff, you may want to put something about world population in 'things of interest' though

as james lovelock himself said on radio 3 nightwaves, 'it all boils down to population really'

Hugh Sawyer said...

Thanks Bushled

Jason. I believe Lovelock to be widely discredited and I think arguments mooting the reduction of population are highly dangerous. Reproduction is natural, it is about as natural a thing as can be imagined and the need / urge to reproduce is hardwired into all of us. Very few people would voluntarily decide not to have children. So if, as you propose, the decided solution to the environmental issues we face is a reduction in population it is unlikely that sufficient numbers of people would voluntarily take it upon themselves not to start families. So then what? Enforced steralisation of criminals perhaps? Or those with congenital diseases? The Mentally ill? Everyone except those with blonde hair and blue eyes maybe.

Perhaps the answer lies elsewhere.