Tuesday, 23 May 2006


Just of late I have been busy with making the website for the travel guide and cajoling people into writing for it. All is going well but it does seem to take up all of my time.

Things learnt recently

If you scratch your head and leaves fall out it is probably time to wash your hair.

Laughing at people who are trying to start a fight with you un-nerves them.

Wearing something other diferent to the same muddy outfit might aid in the aquistion of pretty waitress.

Going to Oxford in a suit (only other clothes I have) for above reason is all very well but would probably be best saved for a night when the place pretty waitress work is open.

There is always the cafe across the road to eat in.

People treat you very diferently when you wear a suit, all of a sudden I was being called sir rather than mate by the waiter in the cafe across the road.

Going to the loo half way through dinner and getting changed from suit into muddy jeans etc half way through dinner confuses waiters (must try more often).

Must get back poncho from Mike. Fed up of getting wet.

Rain Sucks.

Rain really really sucks.

Fire is cheery but not as easy to light when it is wet.

Matches would on occasion be usefull.

There is nothing fun about getting into a wet sleeping bag.

There is nothing much fun about getting up and putting on wet jeans.

Coats with mildew smell really bad, girls don't like them - on occasions this can be useful.

Rain sucks

Asparagus is nice when freshly picked.

Cellery is not nice when is has lain forgotten in the further depths of a rucksack for a week or two.

I'm not hugely keen on rain.

Lamb chops smoked in rosemary are lovely but dificult to eat with a spoon.

Most things are dificult to eat with a spoon.

It is really annoying when you loose your spoon when all you have to eat is soup.

Slugs just keep coming, it's like something out of a 1950s horror film, they advance on me from all angles as I lie too tired to move, arms pinned to my sides by the sleeping bag.

Worms are not much better.

There are crayfish in the Thames, great big American ones that shouldn't be there in the first place. I'm going to learn how to catch them.

It is virtually impossible to put your hand on a branch or tree trunk in the dark without squashing a slug or snail.

It doesn't rain it pours.


Vicola said...

Is it a good idea to eat things you've caught in the Thames? There's quite a lot of crap still gets chucked in there. And I do see what you mean about slugs this year, we've had hundreds in the garden including a couple that almost qualified for their own postcode.

TheJamMan said...

If you're planning to drink water from a fiver you're supposed to walk at least half a mile upstream to check for dead animals in the water (then back) before risking it.

As far as the slugs are concerned, what you really need is a perimiter ring of slug pellets with some kind of device in the middle to drive those in the perimeter out. Slugs don't like salt or caffeine either, but neither do plants and although it would be nice to "wake up and smell the coffee" I don't think a ring of coffee granules will last as long in the wet.

Natural predators of slugs/snails are toads, birds and hedgehogs which you could try and encourage into your site but you wouldn't want to roll face-first into a hedgehog at 4am would you.

TheJamMan said...

note to self - check spelling before posting.

Although drinking from a fiver does make some interesting imagery - perhaps one could roll it up into a rudimentary drinking straw...

TheJamMan said...
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fjl said...

Not running away from this rain problem are you?.. :-)

Hugh Sawyer said...

Well the Thames by Oxford is better than it is in London and the Crayfish are very edible - find their ways to top chefs so I hear.

I shall decline your kind offer to drink through a fiver. Should I be thirst and in possession of a fiver I think I should exchange it for a passion fruit martini.

No, not running away from the rain, it is a fine idea though.