Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Gnus Flash

So the end is upon me, I am a week away from having spent a year in the woods and only four weeks away from the end of this project. It has been a long year, a very long year; a year in which my life has been changed beyond recognition. Things that I once thought important now seem irrelevant things that seemed irrelevant, such as radishes, now take on a previously unimagined importance. I just went to the supermarket to see what food I could get and found they have British radish on the shelves, seeing as I’m only eating local and seasonal produce this is an exciting development indeed, I happily bought some and also some cucumber feeling all the greater attachment to the season through buying its produce. I don’t even like radish! Pretty much every aspect of my life that I look at is now changed. Is it for the better though? Life and opinions have changed but now the end is near and all will change again.

A lot of people ask how I feel about the end of the year, “am I looking forward to it” is the usual question and the answer is yes, I am looking forward to it. For at the end of next month there will be no more living in the woods and commuting to work. This is something that pleases me immensely if truth be told. I’m really looking forward to not having to take the journey to work anymore. Today I handed in my notice; I’m staying in the woods.


SameOld said...

Wow! Big news! Can I give you some advice on your life change? Radishes are best eaten raw smeared with a bit of butter and salt. Magic.

P.S. good luck with the resignation ;)

Bjorn Wild said...

Congratulations on your -almost- year!
Is this reaffirming your decision to go to Ecuador?

Hugh Sawyer said...

Most certainly still going to Ecuador, I have no idea how we will afford to do it but I'm sure we will find a way. I hope we do before the winter comes.

Strangeblueghost said...

Good luck!