Monday, 29 May 2006

Int dec II

So yesterday the right side of my face was bright red, it was a shocking site to see, bright red face with a white eye glaring out of it. This contrast was soon solved by squirting After Sun in my eye and so turning it red as well. I was most suprised this morning to discover that my face had gone yellow, this really isn't a colour I had expected to be at all. Most unnatural it is too. I worried for a moment that it might be jaundice but it ends at my neck so it must be that I have an unusual sun tan this year, or so I thought. As I was sitting down to write this I noticed that the palms of my hands have also gone yellow. According to the small print on the back of the After Sun cream it contains "low level of self tanning ingredients", now if they had bothered to write this on the front of the package I would not have bought it, if I had for reasons of temporary lack of self respect bought it knowing it contained self tanning properties I would not have slapped it on with either such enthusiasm or regularity. Now i'm going to have to walk around for the next few days with a face on the daffodil side of David Dickinson, good thing I work in antiques.


jason palmer said...

You need to read thoreau, live in a wood cabin, or get a tent ( thoreau owned a tent before a cabin ).

Remember Socrates maxim, 'all things in moderation'. A wood cabin ( buy a shed ? ) is eco friendly.



ODM (Original Ditch Monkey) said...

tents are for girls

jason palmer said...

your links are good, but to truly save the planet requires reducing populations, can you add the link :)

ODM (Original Ditch Monkey) said...

Lots of people up for the Darwin Award, good good.

jason palmer said...

not enough, alas

Kate said...

Reading this entry leaves me convinced that there is nobody better suited to spending a year in the jungle with my baby brother.

I just hope you don't accidentally kill each other :D