Thursday, 18 May 2006

Helen! Absolutely, fantastic.

Before I start I must just explain that I am not a chemist, I only did one year of chemistry at school and I spent most of that blowing up test tubes, getting throw out and trying to set Nigel on fire. I apologise then if I don’t quite accurately represent thing if this does happen it is due entirely to ignorance. However, if any one requires a test tube smashed, I’m your man. Having conducted extensive experiments I can say with some certainty that Nigels are not flammable, some of them punch very hard. I shall not be setting anyone on fire.

The end is near, it is almost time to fact the final curtain and so I suppose it is only natural for me to turn my attention to what I have learnt and what, if anything, I think I have proved by this adventure. The world, as we know, is in a bit of a state and needs to be sorted out, I have gone into the woods and tried to raise some money to help out a bit. Living in the woods has very much brought home to me that the way we live as a society is very wasteful and destructive – hold the front page – and that something needs to be done to change the way we live before it’s too late. Crikey, nothing like a bit of doom and gloom to start a Thursday morning. I have lived in a largely sustainable way and have thoroughly enjoyed myself, I have carried on working, had a decent social life, been to parties, fallen in and out of relationships with startling rapidity and generally carried on as per usual. In principle at least I believe it is possible to lead life in harmony with nature and still have a cracking good time. If it is possible for one person to do so is it then possible for society as a whole to do so? Not in the way that I have done it, that just really would not work, apart from anything else there is not enough space in the woods. I believe that there is a way forward for society as a whole to live harmoniously with nature but to find how is the major struggle that faces us today, I do believe that the will power is there. What is required is action, everyone needs to start thinking and adjusting how they live in order to minimise the harm that they cause, everything else can be built on top of this framework.

It seems thought that there is an attitude that there is no point for us, as individuals, to do anything. The argument that people give is “what’s the point, what good can I do if everyone else is doing nothing”. Well this argument is self perpetuating and daft. What can one person do? What impact can one person have on the world? Well a little metaphor might be the way to explain my point, and here comes the science. A flood is made of individual raindrops, raindrops are made up of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule, each molecule is made of atoms and each atom is made of something, jam I think.

Be the jam, make the change.


Matthew Coombes said...

"Be the jam" is a great motto. I love it!

TheJamMan said...

Are there a lot of unhappy people in the world? This morning I passed a hitch-hiker standing outside the Wycombe Swan with a sign that said "A HAPPY PLACE..." He wasn't particularily scruffy but he needed a hair cut. He looked a bit sour. I wondered if he was An art student or genuinely happy. I thought he probably wouldn't want to come with me to work, it's not always a happy place and probably not worth taking a chance. But then I thought I could drop him off at T4 Arrivals - there's always happy people there being re-united with their loved ones etc... But then I struck on a simpler idea; If he simply wrote "SMILE :)" on the other side of his sign and smiled at people himself, they would naturally smile back and he wouldn't have had to go anywhere. In that case he would "be the Jam" but alas, by the time I reached this conclusion I was halfway down the M40 swearing at some tit in a scorpio.

TheJamMan said...

I meant "Genuinely un-happy"

Hugh Sawyer said...

Wise in the way of hitching the hike you are young Jam Master. Now you must learn the art of spreading without spreading; it is Marmite you must prepare for.

jason palmer said...

less people
less pollution,more space

Hugh Sawyer said...

An argument I'm sure Hitler would have understood