Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Cheese on Toast

Mike set me a challenge the other day, he wanted cheese on toast.

I can make toast, I have a cooling rack that I can put over the embers of a fire and toast bread that way, doing this and then putting some cheese on top wont do – apparently. What was needed to make proper cheese on toast was a grill; the problem then is how to get a source of heat from above. I figured it out over the weekend; it is indeed possible to make cheese on toast in the woods.

1st light a fire, whilst the fire is gaining momentum choose four dead branches about 12cm across and about half a meter long. Place two of the logs on the ground parallel to each other and about 30cm apart. Place the other two logs either on to or next to the fire in such a way that the middle section burns, don’t let the logs burn through, wait until they are burnt through about a third of the way. By this point the logs should have a nice thick layer of glowing charcoal on them, place the logs from the fire onto the parallel logs on the ground so that the glowing charcoal is facing downwards in the gap between the two other logs. Et voila, you have a grill. Watch out, this grill can work a lot quicker than the one you have at home.

I have butter, flour, nutmeg, milk and cheese so I might well make Welsh rarebit tonight.


Mdx said...

Good thinking there. Did you just place the bread on a flat piece of wood and slide it in the gap?

ODM (Original Ditch Monkey) said...

Oh no no no no.

I bought a cooling rack in a cookery shop just before Christmas. Usually I put it over the fire, it works just as well as a grill.

I'm dead civilised me.