Sunday, 28 June 2009

One week down

fox sunning itself, fox barely visable 9/10 for effort 3/10 for achievement
I am slowly adapting to life back in the woods, the cold air on my face at night no longer keeps me awake and I'm beginning to quite like sleeping on a hard surface rather than a soft bed, it feels as though it is good for my back. Like most things that are "good for you" the initial experience wasn't so enjoyable. I did get woken up by a fox sniffing at me the other night, I made my best growling noise and it ran away, not that I dislike foxes but I wished to discourage it from attempting to chew it's way into my rucksack to get at my food. Such behaviour could injure it and would do my already well chewed rucksack no good at all. To counter such insurgency from the local wildlife I have now invested in a length of rope so I can dangle my pack from a tree, knowing my luck a family of endangered bats will take up residence one night and it would be an offence for me to disturb them by reclaiming the pack.

One week down, fifty one to go. It seems like a very long time indeed. However, by the end of the year I will no doubt be reasonably well versed in living in a snow drift which will look good on my C.V.

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