Sunday, 21 June 2009

Forecast is sub zero for tonight

Crikey last night was cold cold cold, I spent most of the night far too cold to be able to sleep, it was not very nice. But at least when the sun came up it was no longer uncomfortably. This on the longest day of the year, I think the shortest day of the year in six months time is going to be challenging but at least by then I will have toughened up a bit. The only problem with toughening up is that the process of doing so is deeply unpleasant. I recall from Ditch Monkey I that I spent the first week or so not being able to sleep because of the discomfort and then eventually became so exhausted that I could sleep anywhere. Should get a decent night's sleep in about five days then.

I have just looked at the weather forecast for tonight, at an altitude about 600 meters above me there is a maximum temperature of -1 and minimum of -5 with a wind chill of -11 and light snow showers. It should be about 4 degrees warmer at my altitude so it will be hovering around zero degrees or just bellow tonight which isn't so bad but the wind chill and lack of ground insulation will be what gets me. Fortunately the sun comes up at 4.39 so it will get warmer then.

With my new job I was offered accommodation in a rather nice apartment for the summer, instead I have rented a tiny studio to use as a base camp / office and spend my nights shivering in a cloud,
here's what I could have won


Ruby's Mum said...

I would do it just for the steam shower - they're fabulous.

Hugh Sawyer said...

Comfort, pah. I shower in grit and shave with a shovel.