Saturday, 20 June 2009


Last night once I had eventually got bored of huddling from the rain and attempting to learn French I went to bed. I soon realised, as I have done on numerous occasions in the past, that ground that appears to be flat is only relatively so. My head was only elevated 50cm above my feet, this alone would have been easy to deal with, the problem was that the ground bellow my torso learnt to the right and bellow my legs it went to the left. The ground bellow my knees didn't do anything at all as it simply wasn't there. I had had no time to make a mattress which would have served to soften the ground and also leveled it out so I spent the night contorted on the hard and surprisingly cold ground. Curiously I slept very well only being woken three times by rain falling on my face, twice by an insect crawling over my face, five times through cold, about six times through discomfort and once by my alarm that I had forgotten to turn off. Strangely though when I woke I felt refreshed and ready to go.

Unfortunately I did not have time to do any work on my new home today so I will be sleeping in exactly the same position tonight. Amusingly, for you reading this but not for me, it has started to rain again, what makes it particularly amusing is the fact that I just carried all my stuff, including waterproofs and head torch into the woods before leaving it there and walking on to a friend's house to make use of their internet connection to send this blog, looks like I'm in for a nice walk back, especially as I'm wearing jeans and they are so nice to wear when wet.

All I managed to do today was set buy some winter clothes at hugely discounted rates in the sales and also buy some waterproof mountain boots. So at least my feet will be dry tonight. Yay.

A friend of mine has set up a Ditchmonkey II facebook page which can be visited here

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