Wednesday, 21 June 2006


I have been so busy rushing about doing stuff I almost forgot to write on this, the official last day of the year in the woods. Crikey! I’ve done it. It’s been a year; I have just spent a year living in the woods. What a very very odd thing to do.So tonight a couple of friends are coming over for a bite to eat, trout, a tomato sauce, new potato salad in a lemon and olive oil dressing and a bit of traditional barbecue fayre; black sausages, chicken, bread. It’s a shame that tonight is a work night as lots of people can’t make it out tonight; maybe they are just scared of the sloe gin.

I feel as though I should have something profound to say, I’m not sure I have enough depth of character to come up with something profound but maybe I should share a thought that I had with you. I have been mulling over whether to write about this for a while now but have always put it off as I think it will make me sound weird. Then again what does it matter, my family and friends, those close to me, already know that I am weird so why shouldn’t you.

I have mentioned before that when I was in America last year I went to the monument to Crazy Horse being carved out of the mountain just around the corner from Mount Rushmore. The blog that I wrote at the time could be read by clicking here. So basically some guy with a shovel, vision and a bunch of enthusiasm took on a mountain and won, seeing this really had an effect on me at the time and it got me to thinking that if one man can move a mountain then a society could change the world. It is my view that there is enough will power in the UK at the moment to do exactly that, it’s time to stop thinking that the state of the world is someone else’s responsibitly because the cold truth of the matter is that if we don’t do something no one else will. Lets replant the rainforest.

See I told you I was weird.

It will be possible to follow the progress of Mission Improbable (Trip to live in the jungle) at I can't shake the idea that I should maybe have told Mike that the idea was to replant the whole forest not just a part of it, he'll be up for it I'm sure - he bought a small shovel the other day, just the thing for planting trees.

remember they laughed at the Nolan Sisters, the Wright Brothers, they laughed at the Wright Brothers.


Dave said...

congratulations and good luck for the next adventure.

Matthew Coombes said...

Congratulations mate. You definitely have the vision and determination, no doubt about it. Have a good summer!

fjl said...

Well done x

Lena said...

MABROUK (congrats in Arabic)You are single handedly doing what nations should. You set out to doing the year in the woods. YOU DID IT. You have your mind set on changing people's attitudes. I have no doubt that you will. Do I sound too optimistic? Well, maybe not all people, but the few that will count, that will actually make the difference...THAT, you WILL do inshaAllah (God Arabic :) ) Amateurs built the ark, proffessionlas the Titanic right?! Only thing is, ditchmonkey, if you are going to go down in history books, dont you think you should think about the name you want to choose in so doing? I love the name! But i'm just worried about the kids that will have to study it at school in a hundred years: Ditchmonkey: He Who Saved The Rainforests"! hehe..just a thought :)
PS: If there is any part of you that is feeling that you have gone beyond what you thought you could do when this idea first came up, I'd say enjoy that part the best...
God bless you.
Mabrouk once again- From Egypt

SameOld said...

Very many congratulations on your achievement. I have been following your blog and it's been quite a ride. What happens this this blog now?

Hugh Sawyer said...

Hello, Salam Alaikum.

History books! Hopefully for acts of extream stupidity in the face of sensible alternatives.

Have I gone beyond what I had expected to do when I started? Probably, but then I didn't really put that much though into it, I decided to do it on the first of May 2205 and then moved in to the woods on the first of June. It was all a bit rushed and I didn't have any particular objective. i'm going to think about this some more and work it into whatever conclusion get's written.

This brings me to what happens to this blog. Well I'm going to finish it off some time soon, go over what has happened and what it has meant to me. After that the blogging at but will carry on but focused on the Ecuador trip.

I have been in discussions about writing a book about the whole experience so I'm going to spend a bit of time working on that. The blog and the long hand notes written by torch light on long cold winter nights will form the basis of what gets written. I don't know if it will get published or not, if it does then it could help fund the trip to Ecuador. Fingers crossed. The summer then will be spent living by the river, eating crayfish and working on me masterpiece in the library. Whilst it sounds idylic I'm sure something will go wrong.

Lena said...

Salamo Alaykom :)
i'd suggest putting us on your map of future activities, but i cant begin to imagine waht a year in the desert would be like..and what you would be sure we could come up with something!
Btw...that ladybird? no obstacles standing in its way and all? well..sounded a bit like you there..come high or low, cold or hot, wet or dry, summer or winter...nothing got in your way either did it? you kept on treading your path...just like that ladybird. Good for you!
Do you have a mailing address? would like to send you something.

Zara-thustra said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a great achievement - it'll be something to look back on and tell the grandkids about.
I know you have future plans for doing things overseas, but do you think you're going to miss your little patch of woodland? Has your mindset or perspective changed much from the experiences?