Thursday, 29 June 2006

Topic of Conversation

Since I have decided to go and live in the Rainforest there is one topic of conversation that comes up where ever I go; dangerous creatures. People now seem to find discussing snakes, spiders, anacondas, malaria infested mosquitoes, creatures that burrow into flesh, millipedes, cockroaches and no end of things with teeth to be something that needs to be done in my company. I think I need some new friends.


SameOld said...

Anyone mentioned jiggers? They bury into your feet, lay eggs which then hatch out as maggots. Get a friend to squeeze them out for you. Hmmm-mmm.

Also avoid catching Tropical Sprue. You'll know if you get it because you pass yellow greasy stools with explosive bowel movements. Can't miss it!

Have Fun :)

Hugh Sawyer said...

I don't like you any more.

Jungle preparation blog can now be found here

steph said...

Hello? anyone still here? It's been a while, I've been finishing assignments and writng reports, so i had loads of blogs to catch up with. Glad to see you're still writing the blog. I've checked out; it's cool, so i'll keep up with events ther. I've spread the word so good luck. When exactly are you going to the jungle? Did anyone sllep out on the 21st that you know of?

jason palmer said...

nuff said

Vicola said...

Hello! You haven't mentioned bilharzia that lives in dirty water, climbs up your man's best friend when you go for a swim and burrows into your internals to lay eggs. Or amoebic dysentary. If it's any consolation at all I get married a week tomorrow and my friends think it's hilarious to talk about current divorce rates and those urban myths about the godawful things that have happened at weddings. That's the nature of friends. They are all sods.