Friday, 16 June 2006


ARGH! I have lots to write and not nearly enough time to do it in. Best not waist my time writing about how I don't have enough time to write then.
First up – a bit of a reminder. The 21st is both the Summer Solstice and my official stopping date and it is also the night of The Great Big Sleep Out (TGBSO), that's where you lot get to go and sleep out for the night. Take friends, loved ones (or leave them at home and take some friends and a bottle of gin), picnics and plenty of tea and head to the hills and gardens to appreciate the wonder of the natural world. I have a couple of friends coming over for a champagne breakfast, just the way to watch a sunrise I feel. So please do head to the hills, maybe even get sponsored to do so and give the money to the Woodland Trust.
People are going to be sleeping out all over the world, it's true! Well not all over the world just in bits of it, and I would love to hear your stories after the event.

What else?
Mike has decided that he needs a different nickname than Scottish Mike, we have been having a bit of a heated debate about whether he should be called Danger Mike or Mike Dangerous. Which do you think?


Kate said...

I think Scottish Mike suits him. I think of myself as Scottish Kate so it fits that he should be Scottish Mike, but fair enough. I reckon Danger Mike is the better of the two options you suggest, but have you considered Daft Mike, Mad Mike or Comedy Mike?

Cos I think all of those are good. Maybe you shouldn't tell him I said that.

Matthew Coombes said...

I like Mike the Magnificent but that wasn't an option.

otherkate said...

I think 'Danger-Mike' is better, sounds a bit like the popular cartoon character 'Danger-Mouse'. 'Scottish-mouse' sounds like a nickname for haggis, or worse.