Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Student Loans Company

I hate the Student Loans Company who are without doubt the most inept organisation in the UK.

Not having an address is something that they just can't cope with. Fortunately they seem to be staffed by drones whose soul motive in life is to not think for themselves in any way shape or form. It seems that the fact that I don't have an address to send letters to will quite possibly bring about the end of the world as we know it, it is not possible to communicate with me via email. Everything has to be done by post.

I wrote to them and tell them that you no longer live at the address that they have for me and requested that they communicate via email, they responded by writing to the address I had told them not to with a bill, then with charges for not paying that bill, repeat.


Robin said...

You made the cardinal sin of drawing attention to yourself. If you had't said anything, they wouldn't have bothered you.

Wish that worked for the bloody TV license.

Andy.M. said...

Collect all the letters and burn them to stave of the snow and frost tonight.
Keep warm mate.

Xphjklyfg said...

They have been known to remove charges when someone shows they have ignored info that they have been sent.

But I think they are the most inefficient company I have ever dealt with -- if only one could stop having to deal with them.