Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Change of tack

I have decided to start taking living in the woods a bit more seriously. So far it’s all been a bit chaotic and a little disorganised, you probably will not have noticed this so you will just have to take my word for it.

The general idea is to stop treating it as a bit of a laugh and to start doing things properly, it should after all be possible to do this and live quite comfortably; so far I have been lazy. All that is required is a little bit of effort and my quality of life should improve no end. So that’s what these last few months will be all about; learning how to survive in the woods, I have Ray Mears book Essential Bushcraft and I will digest, learn and use. So far things have been going quite well, OK I have lost my head torch and ended up getting a branch in my eye as a result but I have learnt how to cook in the dark with one eye shut so it’s not all bad. Last night I heated up some soup, I know it is the height of laziness but it was nice with some crusty bread, after that I barbequed some sausages to have in a sandwich for lunch today. It’s a bit difficult to tell if sausages are cooked when you can’t see them so I erred on the careful side and enjoyed some very black sausages for lunch.

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steph said...

Three is the magic number as in the 3 'R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.