Wednesday, 22 February 2006

brief update

hugely horribly busy, stupid job.

The shelter I have made, well it's more that I have put the tarp up properly for the first time than I have built a house or anything. There are a few branches being used as support and there is no suggestion of my being completely sheltered from the elements. I have made it from my emergency bit of tarp which is possibly a little less wide than I am tall but nevertheless it is a great improvement. Now I have it attached to the ground it also works as a wind break, not only does this keep me a little warmer but when I have a fire it stops the fire burning so quickly in the breeze. If you are interested in such things it is based loosely around the Arctic Open Lean-to design, only without sides or a bed.

What else has happened? I'm not sure, I'm so busy at the moment that I can't really remember what has been happening in my life. It snowed on Monday night, that was nice. I'm getting quite good at lighting a fire in the dark, although I cheat and use a match, its amazing to see how much I have improved at firelighting since I started out. I used to take ages, loads of paper and much swearing to light a fire. The last two nights it has been wet and I have had no torch and yet within 5 minutes I can have the kettle on. I'm quite pleased with myself. However, having been reading Ray Mears' book I notice that I am only just at the beginning of what I have to learn, not that this bothers me much as its fun, much more interesting than studying law.

Winter does seem to be dragging on a bit now, sleeping completely cocconed in a sleeping bag is not very comfortable and nor is lying on the floor. A bit of warmth and light is required but it should not be long coming now. Although it might be a bit uncomfortable and its not great being cold every night and sleeping in your clothes there are upsides to it, listening to an owl twit - tawooing last night was rather good. The other night I rolled over in my sleep and must have disturbed a creature by so doing as I heard something scamper away into the bushes.

There is next Wednesday to look forward to, that's the party in the AKA bar and it will also be nine months to the day since I started out, 3/4 of the way through. At the party, as well as the usual drinking, dancing, music and what not there will also be an auction. Details of which can be found by following the link on this page I would like to thank all who have given such fantastic things to be auctioned for the Woodland Trust, it's amazing. Should you see anything that you would like to bid on there is the option on the Auction page to email bids to us and we can take care of the rest.

Saw two crocusses the other morning as I was scraping the worst of the mud off my boots prior to getting on the bus, nearly killed the poor things.

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