Friday, 10 February 2006

Fun and Frolics

Bicycle puncture repair kits may not be quite as efficient as fixing punctures in thermarest mattresses as previously thought.

I was going to go to a cocktail party last night but ended up running late and missing it, a jacket and tie is not strictly speaking the best thing to wear for walking through the woods.
I just had a call from the gym, apparently I have not been in for a while and they were worried about me! It was bad enough dealing with my own feelings of guilt about not going without them calling to find out where I was. I made some excuses that I don’t think convinced them that much.

I’m not sure that I really need to go to the gym; this out door living business is really quite energetic what with the carrying a rucksack for at least four miles a day, running to the bus most morning, and being cold. Did I mention the cold? Its cold out there, really cold at night, I wake up a lot. It’s odd though, I would have thought that being that cold would keep me awake, all that happens is that I try to get a bit more tightly wrapped in the sleeping bag and then fall back to sleep only to wake up a bit later feeling cold. I don’t get cold enough to shiver but I do feel cold to the bone, it’s an experience that is not that pleasant and I rarely feel rested after sleep, a lot of days I have to admit it feels as though only a small percentage of my brain is functioning. I imagine that all my blood sugar has been used up keeping warm and so there is not much left to think with. I do, as I mention quite often, eat an extraordinary amount but nevertheless I keep getting told I have lost a lot of weight. Surely if I am eating lots but using up more energy than I consume then I must be leading a relatively healthy lifestyle? Surely marathon runner’s use up more energy than they consume on the day of the race; therefore I must be as healthy as a marathon runner. Thus I do not need to go to the gym as I am already healthy.

Seeing as I am, as proved above, as healthy as a marathon runner I allowed myself to be persuaded to take part in this it looks like a lot of fun to me and fortunately managed to get some friends to join in. Sadly they are all of a rather unnecessarily competitive nature and seem to think the aim is to win the event, looks like I’m going to be paying a visit to the gym tonight then.

Is anyone going to take us on?

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WanderingScribe said...

Thanks for putting the link to my blog up at the side of yours there, Hugh. See it now! Appreciate that.

Be well, and warm.