Thursday, 16 February 2006

Boo ya!

The last few weeks have been quite hectic what with the organising of the party and all that, not, I hasten to add, that I have played much part in the actual organising. This is probably a good thing as my version of organising a party rarely stems much beyond finding the biggest sound system possible and, erm, well that's it really. Fortunately the lovely Samantha got on the case and before you could say "something" the AKA bar was on board closely followed by some quality DJs and drinks sponsorship from Johnnie Walker. Check out the details here.

If you have read the link you will realise that, not only does the party sound amazing, but that it is claimed that this blog is hilarious. Shhhh, don’t let on that all it contains is stories of me falling over, getting wet, forgetting important thing and generally having a heard existence whilst the rest of you read from the comfort of your nice warm homes. I don’t see that there is anything funny in that.

You probably wouldn’t find it in the least bit amusing that last night I ended up sleeping in what was effectively a hedge; I was still missing my boots so didn’t want to stray so far from the road. I know for sure that I didn’t find it funny that the ground I was lying on was so bumpy that it was impossible to lie flat and that as a result I have a really stiff back tonight. Not that I had that much chance of getting to sleep, I had a feeling that would be the case when I got my sleeping bag out only to discover it weighed about twice as much as usual; it didn’t take long to realise that this was because it was soaking wet. Fortunately though the strong wind during the night blew most of the water away although it did keep me awake as no matter how often I rolled around, adjusted zips, covered my head with a coat or even hid behind trees the wind still found it’s way inside my sleeping bag. I did get to sleep eventually and was a risk of not being awake at 4am! However, I was woken shortly before by a noise, a very loud noise a bit like an airplane flying overhead but not getting louder or quieter just a strange ungodly harmony, most disturbing. That will teach me to sleep between two radio masts, not that I realised I was until I got up – it was dark when I went to bed you see.

All that apart yesterday was a brilliant day, the first few signs of spring are about and it is noticeably lighter earlier in the morning and later at night. The end is in sight, OK it’s still 4 months away but the worst is over, and having got through the winter thus far I have an amazing sense of achievement. I would be actually leaping about today, but my back aches.

I knew today was going to be a good day as it didn’t start to rain until I was half out of bed and half dressed and indeed it is. Thanks to all the hard work of Samantha and all the chaps at the Woodland Trust we are now able to release some of the details of the party so if you have not read about it yet please click on the link bellow.

You might have noticed that there is to be an auction, watch this space for more details, there will also be a couple of surprises along the way but they wouldn’t be surprises if I were to give them away now would they.

Hope to see you there

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