Wednesday, 24 August 2005


Went to a Hawaiian Pool party on Friday night and then a Wedding on Saturday so I had a place to stay both nights, cunningly I managed to avoid the benefit of both these by not getting much sleep at either. Got back home on Sunday afternoon to discover that it was a very nice day, bees where buzzing, butterflies were flapping, sun was out and everything was good. I caught up with a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon and awoke to find that it had started to rain and that I did not have the gore tex poncho with me. Nothing for it but to get wet – I did this admirably.

The next night, as I had still not found the poncho, I found a very big low lying branch that afforded some shelter from the rain and slept there. The ground under the branch was quite dry so it was OK my sleep was only disturbed by the unevenness of the ground. I know that I have previously stated that I am now immune to the ill effects of sleeping on bumpy ground but this was ridiculously bumpy. Something is wrong with my stove and it took about 45 minutes to heat up my soup, some how this does not seem to matter as the pace of life in the woods (for me at least) is rather relaxed and it is quite pleasant to lie back, listen to some tunes and let the food heat in its own time. I can imagine this becoming an issue when I am hungry and tired though so something needs to be done about it.

Ankle needs resting for ten days according to my doctor, tomorrow I am going to Gleneagles with work as we have a sale there next week and I will be staying in an Hotel, I guess that it can be considered as a medicinal break then.

Off to look at Hammocks on the way back from work.

Managed to take the sleeping bag back without buying anything else, this might be due to my not being served by the pretty blonde this time.

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