Thursday, 18 August 2005

Pretty Blonde Girl

I decided that seeing as I’m in this ditch living business for the long haul I ought to get a new sleeping bag. Mine is very old, very tatty and no longer works so well in the old keeping it’s inhabitant warm. The problem I guess having arisen from it getting wet so often and not getting dried out properly resulting in the feathers all getting stuck together in clumps. These clumps tend to be better at sticking into me that actually keeping me warm. After work I went sleeping bag shopping, well I actually went out to get a shirt for a Hawaiian party I’m going to and then found my self in Snow and Rock on Kensington High St. I was just looking and had no intention of buying anything and was just looking through the sleeping bags when a rather pretty blonde assistant asked if she could help. Quarter of an hour later I was happily walking back down the street now the proud owner of a brand spanking new sleeping bag.

It’s water proof so no need to worry about the goose down getting wet, it weighs half a kilo pack down small enough to get into a coat pocket and is suitable for use down to -5 degrees with comfort! Indeed the day was good so I celebrated by buying some Thai Chicken and Lemmon Grass soup to heat when I got back and headed back to the woods. I was anxious to check out the new sleeping bag; It does everything that my old one does but takes up about a sixteenth of the space, space is at a premium when you have to carry what you need. I went to bed hugely impressed that technology has come on so far a to be able to create a sleeping bag so small yet so warm, I awoke at three slightly less impressed and rather less warm than I would have liked. It appears that somewhere along the line of buying the sleeping bag I got distracted and picked one that is suitable for use down to 5 degrees not minus 5. Maybe I should have spent more time checking the stats and less chatting up the blonde girl.

Tonight I’m taking the sleeping bag back and fully intend to get a refund and leave with nothing but the catalogue that I can peruse at my leisure and come to a sensible decision as to what I need.


Pandiotic said...
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Pandiotic said...

Have you ever played spank the ditch monkey?

It's a funny kind of monkey business, all this monkeying around.

Your blog may encourage imitators, as monkey see monkey do.

Camping out, also seems a good ploy to resist your dedication to blondes and get the monkey off your back. One tactic is certainly to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. In order to put them back you could use a monkey wrench, or maybe even a monkey wench?