Monday, 15 August 2005

et voila as if by magic I reapear.

Hello monkey lovers, I was gone but now I’m back.

First work got real busy and so I had to send my time doing that rather than writing my blog.
Then I went on Holiday two weeks trekking in America, less a holiday more of the same.
Then I got back and I was, frankly, just too damn lazy to bother writing anything favouring to sit about drinking tea. However, I am now back in the rhythm of things and back in action.

The decision has been made over the last few days to continue living out until either a year is up or I can take it no more. Which will come first? Place your bets.

Obviously things have come along a bit since I last wrote, I am now much more organised and settled in. Preparations have begun for the winter which I have reason to believe will be cold. I am especially looking forward to getting up before dawn and getting home after dark.

At the moment though all is good, I had wild raspberries for breakfast the other day although this was followed by a Danish and a bacon sandwich when I got to work. I have found a couple of plum trees with ripe fruit and the first few blackberries are out, it is quite pleasing to see the change in the season and to have a connection to the countryside that is missing in the city. When combined with working in what I am led to believe is the most cosmopolitan city in the world (I can’t say that this is trust as I have not been to all the other cities) this provides a hugely fulfilling existence. I have to say that I am glad about this as one of the original motives for beginning this experiment was to show that it is possible to reduce ones environmental impact to a minimum whilst still having an enjoyable life. OK so maybe you need to be a freak to go to the extents that I am but everyone can maybe make a change to lifestyle or maybe just recycle some things. If it is possible to live in the woods for a year without a tent and still have a lot of fun then surely it is possible to recycle a couple of wine bottles.

There are a lot of developments that have happened over the last few weeks and I guess that it would leave a bit of a hole in the story if they where to be left out so I should add them in. However I am not going to stay behind all night tonight and write it all up. What I shall endeavour to do is mention relevant developments in future blogs; kind of like a flashback in a movie or something.