Sunday, 28 August 2005


Thursday I flew to Scotland with work for a Sale in Gleneagles and got christened ‘Wild Man’ en route. We are staying in a very nice hotel and my reaction to it became the subject of some interest. How would I cope with; sleeping in a bed; electricity; running water; a roof; walls; carpet or even TV? These questions and more came at me thick and fast from colleagues who seem to view me as some form of oddity.

Running water, I have to say, is a good thing. Hot running water is even better. Having the opportunity to have a shower without walking for an hour and then spending the same time again on a bus is admittedly rather convenient. As is this electricity business that allows me to boil a kettle at merely the flick of a switch. I also admit that having a floor that is clean, dry and warm has something going for it. After some grilling I also conceded that I was quite looking forward to sleeping in a bed that is wider than it is long.

Having not drunk any thing on Thursday night I was quite surprised to wake up feeling hung-over on Friday morning. I assume this was due to the comparatively stuffy nature of sleeping indoors. I had the same experience this morning but I’m suspicious that the feeling may have been compounded by the copious amounts of wine I drank at the party the night before.

I am missing sleeping out though, I feel as though I am going soft. It is a bit of a shock to the old system to go from living out doors to staying in a Hotel, being weighted on hand and foot and having full access to the pool and spa. Not a bad shock.

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